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1. Its Fast. Download speeds from1.5 Mbps up to 6 Mbps!
2. Easy to Use and its always on. No more dial up. No more waiting.
3. More Power. Whether just surfing, high-quality streaming audio and video or online gaming action, DSL will give a more pleasant experience and get you there that much faster.
4. Cost effective. DSL works with your existing telephone lines yet it doesn't interfere with your phone service. You won't need that extra line.

About Us
Pacific ISP is based in Central California and is locally owned. Our goal at Pacific ISP is to provide our customers with the best possible internet connection at a competive price. With local ownership and IT experience since 1994, we believe we can provide you a service you can depend on.

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Tel.: 1-559-627-8324
Free phone-in support.
Network is monitored 24/7
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